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Christmas shopping is hekkkers to say the least. Whether you’re the super organised type who has to have all their gifts bought and wrapped under the tree by December 1, or whether you’re more the last-minute-panic-shop type, here at Bonds we’ve seen it all. So, who better to ask for their Christmas gift tips than the awesome staff at our Bonds stores? These retail superstars spill the beans on their top picks plus more…

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Kween of the typographic scene, Bianca Cash, is back at Bonds to bring us something srsly spesh. Having worked on our 100th birthday mural last year, the Melbourne designer has been busy doing what she does best – making gorgeous things with words. This time around, we invited her to create a bespoke and beautiful print for Mother’s Day, which you can download here for FREE! Speaking of Mother’s Day, we caught up with the talented typographer to get her two cents on what this day means to her and her family.

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If you’re not already a swoony fan of Rachel Burke’s craft blog, i make. you wear it, then take it from us you soon will be. The crimson-haired crafty goddess is all about bright and colourful DIY that puts our old Grade 3 friendship bracelet-making swiftly to shame. What first begun as a Saturday night sewing challenge with friends has since lead to a hugely popular blog, an Instagram account with a schmick name (@imakestagramsooo good) and a gig as a Frankie magazine contributor. Not bad, huh?

We caught up with Rachel to find out what makes her crafty heart sing. Have a read, then a scroll of her blog and decide what project you’d like to tackle during your next crafternoon.


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If you were to look up the word “multitasker” in the dictionary, you’re sure to find Sarah Tuck’s name. This mega foodie, mouth-watering recipe queen, and full-time mum is the ultimate multitasker, especially when it comes to her food blog, From the Kitchen. Hailing from across the waters in New Zealand, Sarah has turned a love of real food into a successful freelancing career spanning recipe development, food styling and photography. We caught up with the busy mum to get the lowdown on what first kick-started her obsession for food and how she manages to keep everything (including her sanity!) in check.


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Thrifting from a young age, Alex van Os has always loved fashion and styling outfits with a mix of secondhand and designer clothing. She puts her skills to practice as a TV wardrobe stylist, having worked on The Voice, The Bachelor, Home and Away and Ricky Martin’s Australian Tour – just to name a few. As the Australian Red Cross Op Shop Ambassador, she inspires others to mix and match with old and new pieces, which she shares via her Instagram account @op_shop_to_runway. We chatted to Alex about her latest go-tos and need-to-know tips.


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