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Emily Collie is the editor of the hugely popular lifestyle, fashion and travel blog, Melbourne Girl. Not only is she a busy wife and mum, she’s also a total fashion addict with a passion for sharing her thoughts on style and trends from around the world (and did we mention she’s totally Bonds obsessed?!). Melbourne Girl is the must-visit online destination for sales, lookbooks, events, foodie and fashion haunts in and around the city of Melbourne. We caught up with #BondsStyle blogger Emily for a quick chat on what’s rocking her world at the ‘mo.


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If you’re looking for an instant mood-buster, you can’t go past a fresh manicure. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a perfectly polished set of tips to help lift you out of a slump, taking you from blah to booyah! Currently rocking the nail scene in Melbourne is Chelsea Bagan, the mani magician behind the crazy-popular Trophy Wife Nail Art. Serving the colourful and quirky needs of the nail-obsessed, Chelsea has turned a passionate hobby into a legit business with a book and a string of uber-cool brand collabs behind her. We took her away from buffing and filing for five minutes to answer a few of our burning questions…


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With an enviable bod that’s graced the covers of many a magazine, Iggy Azalea has become the poster babe for body love and self-confidence. So naturally, we were very interested in hearing how she maintains that amazing body of hers. Check out this quick Q&A with the rap megastar as she discusses her approach to keeping active and fit.


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Introducing Ellen Porteus, the last of our six mega artists who are responsible for creating our incredible 100th birthday mural on display at Melbourne Central. Ellen is a Newcastle-born, Melbourne based graphic designer, who specialises in surreal patterns and clever illustrations with bold lines and colourful palettes.


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We’re so excited about our 100th birthday art installation; it’s not even funny! Right now if you head on down to Melbourne Central, you can see the stunning work of six of the country’s most talented young typographers and illustrators, who have created this one-of-a-kind mural.


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