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What better way is there to celebrate turning 100 than with a one-of-a-kind art installation? The answer: none. At Bonds, we like to go big – especially when it comes to our 100th birthday. Which is why we enlisted the help of six crazy-talented artists to help us make our dreams of an epic mural come true.


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Twenty-something Melbourne designer, Bianca Cash is a typography whizz and a straight-up Instagram powerhouse with a whopping 50,000 followers. Besides winning Instagram (she loves ridiculous hashtags – so do we!) you’ll find her working on various projects, expanding her online store and travelling.


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Young Melbourne graphic artist and illustrator, Nathan Nankervis, has been catching the attention of many lately with his colourful creations that make you feel ALL the good feelings. Since recently graduating from Swinburne University, Nathan has been busy building a portfolio of his cartoon-like drawings and attracting clients left, right and centre.


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For our 100th birthday, we’ve teamed up with six uber-amazing typographers and illustrators to create a unique mural at Melbourne Central. The one-of-a-kind art installation is a celebration of everything Bonds stands for in an epic vibrant and visually-knock-out display. It’s mega!


View the full wall on Instagram at @bonds100art here.

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A range like BONDS100 doesn’t just appear by magic. There are so many bright, talented and passionate people that have worked behind-the-scenes to bring the best of what Bonds has to offer to you – our loyal and awesome customers!

So, who exactly is responsible for our latest eye-popping prints, branded waistbands and sporty separates? Meet Rene Kininmonth and Kasey Doroszuk, two of the creative geniuses behind the range that celebrates Bonds’ 100th birthday. We chatted to Rene, who is one of our women’s underwear designers and Kasey, who designs our babywear range, to find out what exactly went into designing such an important and memorable collection.


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