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In celebration of our For Aussies by Aussies video series, we’ve collaborated with freelance artist, Steen Jones, who has taken over the window of our Chermside store in Queensland with a gorgeous mural. Make sure you get in to see this creative masterpiece by the man himself this weekend before Monday 22nd May 2017! Find the store details here.

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Based on the first two Aussies in our For Aussies by Aussies video series, Steen Jones and Thandi Phoenix, we’ve put together a playlist of their favourite jams. To learn more about these two inspiring Aussie creatives, check out our interview with Steen here and our interview with Thandi here. Scroll on to hit play on our special Spotify playlist!

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Here’s your chance to see art in action! Freelance artist, and one of the stars of our For Aussies By Aussies video series, Steen Jones, will be in store at Bonds Chermside, QLD this Saturday 13th May to paint a live mural in our store window. Known for his bold, graffiti-inspired aesthetic, Steen will put his creative skills to work to transform one of our stores into a stunning visual masterpiece. Don’t miss your chance to watch his mural come to life!

Visit Bonds Chermside, QLD this Saturday 13th May to see Steen Jones.

Check out our interview with Steen here.

Kicking off our incredible For Aussies by Aussies video series is freelance artist and founder of Few and Far Collective art studio, Steen Jones. If you haven’t already, check out a day in his creative life here. Because Bonds is what you wear from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, here’s your opportunity to get Steen’s everyday look.


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The pursuit of passion takes courage, determination and a test of self-belief. For the next four weeks, we’ll be celebrating the creative Aussies who are fearless in the pursuit of their soul-driven passions. The new and emerging Aussie talent who take on each day and make it their own. We’ve teamed up with four Aussies to follow them throughout their day from sunrise to sunset.

To help kick us off this new video series is Steen Jones, a freelance artist and founder of Few and Far Collective, a graffiti-inspired art studio. From where he creates to where he goes to unplug, we follow Steen throughout a typical day.


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