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Kween of the typographic scene, Bianca Cash, is back at Bonds to bring us something srsly spesh. Having worked on our 100th birthday mural last year, the Melbourne designer has been busy doing what she does best – making gorgeous things with words. This time around, we invited her to create a bespoke and beautiful print for Mother’s Day, which you can download here for FREE! Speaking of Mother’s Day, we caught up with the talented typographer to get her two cents on what this day means to her and her family.

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Introducing Ellen Porteus, the last of our six mega artists who are responsible for creating our incredible 100th birthday mural on display at Melbourne Central. Ellen is a Newcastle-born, Melbourne based graphic designer, who specialises in surreal patterns and clever illustrations with bold lines and colourful palettes.


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We’re so excited about our 100th birthday art installation; it’s not even funny! Right now if you head on down to Melbourne Central, you can see the stunning work of six of the country’s most talented young typographers and illustrators, who have created this one-of-a-kind mural.


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What better way is there to celebrate turning 100 than with a one-of-a-kind art installation? The answer: none. At Bonds, we like to go big – especially when it comes to our 100th birthday. Which is why we enlisted the help of six crazy-talented artists to help us make our dreams of an epic mural come true.


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Twenty-something Melbourne designer, Bianca Cash is a typography whizz and a straight-up Instagram powerhouse with a whopping 50,000 followers. Besides winning Instagram (she loves ridiculous hashtags – so do we!) you’ll find her working on various projects, expanding her online store and travelling.


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