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Life inside the pants party isn’t always a party – just ask the menfolk amongst us. There’s a lot going on down there that the “the boys” have to put up with. Heat, cold, itchiness, bunching, holes – these are just a few of the things that can affect them on a daily basis. Not to mention the constant stream of mixed messages between the boys and the brain that can often result in awkwardness, confusion, frustration and discomfort. (Er… Houston, we have a problem!)


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Head’s up! There are only a few shopping days left to get dad a Father’s Day gift. If you haven’t got time to get to the shops or you simply can’t decide what to get dad this year, then we’ve got an awesome solution. Give dad the gift of all his favourite things! Yep, you read right. And no, this doesn’t mean spending a fortune on whizbangy shiny thingymabobs. We’re talking those other favourite things he enjoys, such as sleeping in and some time off doing the household chores.


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Perth-born Jodie Boland carved a name for herself in the beauty industry from very early on. Having studied abroad at the London School of Fashion, Jodie moved to New York City where she assisted master artists Dick Page and Val Garland. She’s worked her magic on numerous celebs and her artistry has appeared in magazines like GQ, Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar (amongst many others)! Now Jodie lends her talents to Bonds for their Classics campaign, and dishes on this season’s hottest makeup trends captured during the shoot…


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