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You may remember her as Indi Walker on Home and Away, but Samara Weaving has come a long way since her days in Summer Bay. She’s just wrapped up filming her first Hollywood blockbuster, Monster Trucks in Vancouver, and recently starred in Mystery Road alongside her famous uncle, Hugo Weaving.


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Five years on from her first BONDS campaign, actress, model and brand ambassador Rachael Taylor is back in front (and behind) the camera. With years of on-set experience, Rachael has created a visual and animated a viral birthday video for Bonds, commemorating a few of our much-loved classics. Rachael is no stranger to filmmaking, having produced a number of short films for Bonds, including the ‘Love Story’ short-film series. We got chatting to the Crisis and Grey’s Anatomy star about working with BONDS, starring in an action-packed superhero series, and her go-to ensemble for weekends spent lazing at home.


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If there’s one person who knows how to look good in underwear, it’s Miranda Kerr.

The 31-year-old Aussie model was the face of Bonds back in 2003, has worn plenty of lingerie throughout her 19-year career, and has just slipped back into her favourite Bonds undies to help us celebrate our 100th anniversary.


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