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What’s it like to be part of the Foster Blake family juggernaut? Or to find yourself the subject of #couplegoals across the social sphere with a baby son who is already an Instagram sensation? We caught up with one half of our Bonds Sport ambassador duo, Zoe Foster Blake, to talk all things parenthood, pilates and ‘park crawls.’


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 When I was asked to be the Bonds Sport Ambassador Legend Champion, my first response was, ‘Oh, boy. How will I break this to my husband?’ 

Because while it’s clear to you and me that I’m one of, if not Australia’s most highly lauded, courageous, undefeated and inspiring athletic champions, and the clear and obvious choice for a sporting ambassador role, Hamish has long believed that he is the sporty one in our marriage. I know! I know.

It’s super cute, and I play along with it to keep him happy, but no one would ever believe that he is even in the same postcode as me fitness power hero-wise. No one. Definitely not TV viewers, or Internet users, or people with good vision or a pulse.


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Summer bods are made in winter. Which is why there’s no better time to make way for our brand new Bonds Sport range than right now! With something for everyone including women, men and bubs (uh-huh, baby too!) our latest collection has “I want, I want!” all over it.

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Look who’s bringing it for Bonds Sport! Introducing Hamish and Zoë Foster Blake – our new activewear ambassador duo. When it comes to working out in the Foster Blake household, well… let’s just say a little friendly competition never hurt anybody.

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