As a big supporter of boobs, we know that they come in all different shapes and sizes and that no two sets are the same, so we want to share the love with each and every boob type out there, from A to G and everything in between.

We can all identify our own boob type (in fact you may be more than one!) so we’ve created our own cheeky ‘emoticon’ language to represent the A to G and everything in between of Aussie boobs – we call them Boobicons.


We want women to embrace and flaunt what they’ve got, so we’ve teamed up with some talented Aussies who love to get dressed in their Bonds bra and do just that. Whether they’re Bouncy, Sporty, Dazzling or Perky, our new line up of ambassadors truly represent the A to G and everything in between of Aussie boobs.

The ambassador line-up includes:

First Lady of Comedy, Julia Morris aka ‘Fun Boobs’

Inspirational Australian athlete, Kelly Cartwright aka ‘Sporty Boobs’

One of Australia’s top fashion bloggers, Jess Dempsey aka ‘Mama Boobs’

‘The Face’ of drag, Marie Claire aka ‘Dazzling Boobs’

Stay tuned to find out more on each of our Boobicon ambassadors…

To find a Bonds bra to suit your boob type, head to

Got your own Boobicon creation? Share it with us via #bondsboobicons. Go on, show us your Boobicons!


  1. denise

    love the Boobies Campaign….maybe you could have one for us older women, a couple of nipples low on the U’s.
    Nannies Mammies

  2. Julie

    LOVE your new range -but hey- there are a lot of us out there that are bigger than a size 16.

    • The Bonds Team

      Thanks for your feedback Julie, we’ll be sure to pass this on to our Product Development Team! Bonds x

    • Tammy

      Absolutely Julie!! Bit like needing exercise clothing, bottoms are great but if you’re above a 16 on top you’re resigned to tacky, ugly singlets, tops and bras and companies who state they’ll look into it, 2 years on still pulling the tacky shapeless singlets and ugly bras

    • Giselle

      And above G cup would be nice too!

  3. Bron

    How about Breastfeeding B(,)(,)BS.

    See what I did there? Two (delicate) words: nipple elongation.

  4. Sonika

    Tammy and Julie, you guys are spot on. Overweight people like myself are the ones who need to exercise the most yet when we want to, we are forced to wear singlets and bras with little good support. I am sure that I am not the only one with this frustration. Come on bonds.

  5. Tammy

    This whole campaign feels incredibly juvenile to me. I am more than ‘boobs’- I do not define myself by my breasts and I am sick of the ongoing objectification of women in order to sell us products. How does a billboard with BIG BOOBS emblazoned on it do anything other than reduce women to their breasts? I seriously doubt you would put the word BALLS on a billboard to promote men’s undies- why the sexist double standard?

    • Emma

      Totally agree Tammy !

    • TJ

      haha! BALLS. thats actually brilliant.

  6. Ash

    LOVE this. Thank you SO much, Bonds. I am a huge cup size but only a size 10 and bra shopping makes me cry. On the off chance that I actually find something that fits me ok, the prices are through the roof. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for realising that women like me do exist and that we don’t want to sell our left arms to pay for new bras. We can now actually throw away the old, horrible bras without fear of bankruptcy to replace them. Three cheers for you, Bonds! You have made my day and I will be in to visit a store this week!

    And honestly, I could not care less about the advertising. I find it far less offensive than a sexually charged photo of a woman in her underwear striking a seductive pose. THAT is objectification. This, I can live with!

  7. Lachelle

    I haven’t worn a bra in about a year now due a to a shoulder injury I’m not sagging yet but ready to get back to it so come on with the range looking forward to tit

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