Ever wondered what to do with all those old socks? The ones that have become holey, threadbare, or simply lost their partner to a washing machine mishap. Well, wonder no longer because believe it or not, socks can be one of the most useful items of clothing we own, long after they’ve reached their use-by date. We’ve rounded up our four favourite ways to turn those old unwanted socks into something practical or pretty awesome. Read on…

They make a great bun

Ladies, if you haven’t tried the sock bun trick yet then you’re missing out. Perfect for days when an up ‘do is needed, a sock bun can transform dirty, sweaty hair into a thing of voluminous bun beauty. Check out this quick sock bun tutorial if you don’t believe us.

Image via Livedseasoned.com

They make a comfy iPhone armband

Save yourself some cash with this easy trick to turn an old sock into a comfy armband for your iPhone. No one likes to be weighed down by some bulky case or scratchy plastic thing. With this quick DIY you can be up and running (literally!) in no time.

Image via The Art of Doing Stuff

They make a cosy coffee holder

It might sound strange at first, we know, but this cosy coffee cup holder is a clever way of preventing your fingers from getting burnt. Think of it like a tea cosy for your mug – it also keeps your tea or coffee warmer for longer! Plus, it’s as easy as cutting off the toe of a sock and slipping it over the cup, this easy tutorial explains it all.

Image via Oh, The Things We’ll Make

They make cute doughnuts… yes really!

We had to throw this idea in because c’mon it’s doughnuts! A great excuse to recycle those odd socks, this fun DIY is something that the kids can get involved in as well. A bit of rolling, a bit of felt cutting, a bit of embellishment and hello doughnut!

Image via Rookno17.com

Tell us, do you have a fun use for old socks? Share with us in the comments section below. Or if you’re looking to upgrade into some new socks, shop Australia’s favourite sock – the Bonds Logo here.

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