Bonds Guide to… Fun Runs

bonds guide to fun runs

Cupid’s Undie Run is happening on Sunday 10th February and we’re all prepared thanks to our trusty Guide to Fun Runs! Need some help? Come on through…

The Team

Everyone needs a leader… Is it you? Then it’s time to step it up! Choose your team name. We love the sound of The Heartbeats, Bonds James Bonds, and The Cupids.

The Basics

The healthy stuff. Please protect your lovely skin and slip, slop, slap before you run out the door. Make sure you grab your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat.

The Style

Start with your Bonds undies (of course), then accessorise around them. Whether you wear a Chesty or a shirt, make sure your undies are the key focus on your look. If you’re a bit shy about flaunting your legs, we’d wear our new print leggings underneath. Make sure you have supportive socks, and grab your cape, bow and arrow.

The Cheer Squad

Ensure your personal cheer squad are evenly spaced out along the track holding motivational signs. It’s amazing how a motivational sign like “Tim Tams at finish line” can spur you on.

The Hydration

Just as important as your cheer squad is your personal water boy or girl who ensures you keep your bod hydrated and refreshed. They can cruise alongside in a golf buggy or perhaps even keep pace with you – all while clutching that plastic cup with H20.

The Big Finish

Make sure you have a mate waiting for you near the finish line, holding aloft a boom box blaring Chariots of Fire. Done and dusted!

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