Let’s get our DIY on! Grab the scissors and follow this easy step by step for our cute DIY Dino Hoodie from our new craft blogger Kate Camilleri. If your child is in need of a distinct prehistoric edge this is the hoodie for you… Let’s get started!

Photo 8 - Final 2WHAT YOU’LL NEED

Photo 2 - What You Need

A Bonds Hoodie (we used one for bub, but you can use any!)

10cm of Acrylic Felt

Measuring Tape


Thread in the same colour as the hoodie



Photo 3 - Measure Hood

Using your measuring tape, measure the length of the hood curve from the base of the back neck to the front. For this design, our measurement was 44cm.


Photo 4 - Measure Out Felt

On your felt, 1cm from the bottom edge, measure out the length of the hood curve and mark. Then using all your DIY wisdom divide this measurement into spike intervals (you can do this without measuring if you can’t be bothered working it out). I ended up having 8 spikes all together (44/8 = 5.5cm intervals for all our math whizzes!). Mark along the bottom of the spikes at the intervals you worked out.


Photo 5 - Measure Out Spikes

Now you’ll need to measure the point of the spikes by marking between all of your bottom marks (to form the triangular shapes).


Photo 6 - Draw Spikes

Now you can join them all with a ruler so they’re EXTRA scary and sharp. Cut them out.


Photo 7 - Sew In Spikes

You need to sandwich your row of spikes between the middle of the hood. (thats why we started our measurement 1cm up from the bottom) With a needle and thread sew from the inside of the hood from the front to the back neck. Tie a knot and cut your thread!


Photo 1 - Final 1

You’re cute-a-saurus.


kate-camilleri-headshot copy

Our new craft blogger Kate loves to spend many hours creating exciting things while dreaming about sequins and sparkle. It all evolved from dancing like crazy and working in costume for the last decade, so all of her creations have at least a pinch of the theatrics and pizzazz. She is currently seeking the perfect balance of practicality and ridiculousness, which always create fun and interesting results!

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