Leaping leftovers, today is Christmas. YASSSSS! A very merry happy awesome Christmas Day from all of us here at team Bonds.


How is your day going so far? Have you…

– Unwrapped all the presents under the tree, including those who were actually meant for Aunty Jan? Oops!

– Commenced the day of eating ALL the food by firing up the barbie for a hearty brekkie of bacon and eggs?

– Made a quick dash to the seafood market to stock up on fresh prawns for lunch?

– Sprinted around the house with the vacuum in preparation for the hordes of guests who’ll soon be descending upon your doorstep?

– Pulled out all those gifts your in-laws have given you over the years and put them on display?

– Accidentally overcooked the Christmas ham and wondering how to break the news to your family? Eep!

– Fallen into a food coma on the couch, pretending to nap when you should be doing the washing up?

– Hid yourself from the kids, who want you to check out their cool new Xbox/iPad/tech thingy?

– Tried to avoid that that rello, who got stuck into the Baileys early and has cracked out the Bing Crosby Christmas album?

– Done all of the above and now you’re ready for bed?

Ahhh… Christmas – gotta love it. See you on the flip side!

Bonds x


  1. Sean

    Please tell me the names of the 3 models in the latest advert!

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Sean, thanks for getting in touch. For privacy reasons, we cannot reveal their personal information publicly. Thanks for your understanding. Best, Bonds x

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