g'day boys

We’ve set our sights on world domination as our Aussie Bonds beauty Rachael Taylor braves the skies of London town in a striking new outdoor billboard campaign.

Plus we want to treat one readers loved one in the UK to a Bonds pack.


We never take for granted being Australia’s most-loved heritage brands, reaching households in almost every corner of the nation for loads of decades.

But we thought it was the bloody right time some other good folk around the world could enjoy the sheer comfort of Bonds undies and clothing like we do in the mother country.

That’s why we’ve set our sights on world domination as our Aussie Bonds beauty Rachael Taylor (Transformers, Red Dog, Charlie Angles, Park Avenue 666 and Bonds) braves the skies of London town in a striking new outdoor billboard campaign.

What does Rach have to say for us? Simply…

G’day Boys. In gorgeous Bonds bra and undies of course!

Sound familiar? This cheeky campaign revisits an original iconic ad by Wonderbra featuring Eva Herzigova back in 1994 which quickly cemented its position in the advertising hall of fame.

As a homage to the original ad’s brilliance, we’re hoping our new Aussie version isnt the root of quite so many car accidents by smitten male drivers like it was ten years ago.

The billboards will run for 2 weeks from 25th March taking over three iconic London locations including Chelsea Yacht Club, Kensington High Street and Finchley Road, so tell your UK counterparts to keep a look out!

As well as shipping direct to the UK from, Bonds is now available at John Lewis.

Want to treat someone you know living in the UK with a Bonds taster pack worth $200? Comment below in 25 words or less why you think they’d love it and we’ll post it to them.

Read Terms & Conditions.


  1. Sarah Shillabeer

    My bestie Frankie is fun, cute, energetic, athletic, colorful, creative and beautiful inside and out just like Bonds and their beautiful models, especially Rachael Taylor!!

  2. hiera

    in a long distance relationship & he has trouble finding undies that fit haha

  3. Emma

    My mate, Emma-Kate, is an Aussie living in London. She LOVES Bonds, would wear them proudly and tell anyone who’s listening how AWESOME they are!


    They moved to London. Left Oz behind,
    Work, childcare and a house still to find.
    Bonds Surprises are just what they need.
    Hope I succeed?

    Lisa Sherriff

    PS If I succeed, I can supply their address later as I need to email them.

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Lili,
      The winner will be announced on the 24 April – so plenty of time to get their address. We will contact the winner by email (as per the T&Cs). Good luck.
      Bonds x

      • Alexia C

        My sister Elena is an actor & has been living in London for 10 years. She misses Australia so much, especially BONDS underwear!

  5. Charlotte

    My little cousin is so beautiful. But she’s been living in Scottish underwear her whole life. Now she need some Australian flavor xx

  6. Andrew

    My friend Jo would love to dress her wee girl Chloe in some cute Bonds gear. And get something for herself

  7. Sue

    My Dunblane friend would love this Aussie treat! He has three daughters to keep in undies!

  8. NickK

    My brother (or sister rather) from another mother! Met in Canada, and lived and worked together. She has visited numerous times (and I’m trying to convince her to move here.) and I can’t afford to go over to visit her as I’m a poor uni student, so why not flick her a BONDS pack to help convince her to get over here, and send a little Aussie her way! (It’s also her b’day today/tomorrow, what a perfect pressie!)

  9. Emma

    I used to bring back Bonds undies for male friends in UK. Mum thought it was weird I was buying undies for so many boys.

  10. Amanda Gregory

    My pal Jenny Malone,
    She has two special needs boys (one has severe autism and one is in and out of hospital with brain ops). She never gets anything for herself. She is such a giving person and deserves something special.

  11. Meg

    My Aunty Jo, she used to live is AUS and loved Bonds, but since moving to Scotland can’t get them anywhere!

  12. emily

    Brit bond..

    Over the years BONDS baby has always been a staple in my ‘Aussie gift’ to all new mummy friends back home {UK}… roomies, vests, skinnies, stripy leggings, hoodies, and wondersuits are THE top to toe favourites!!! {and I’m always asked for MORE}

    And as for me, I LOVE my Bonds Basics…

  13. Christie

    Recently met Mal in Portpatrick, Scotland. Mal is 70yrs young & a wonderfully colourful character. BONDS cool and comfy undies would really brighten up his life.

  14. Matt

    Sunil, Canadian guy in London lived in Oz and got completely hooked on Bonds…very comfy undies. He only wears Bonds and currently ships all his undie needs to London to keep his Bonds stocks high. Help the guy out!

  15. Koren

    My sons Godmother is an Aussie living in the UK ans this would be an awesome gift for an awesome Godmummy who loves her Godson and Bonds very much 🙂 What a lovely treat and surprise it would be!

  16. Ellie

    Hannah is a gal who loves her cool colourful undies and has her Monday Bonds I sent her and is crazy for them! Please help her get Bonds for everyday of the week and make those other brits jealous!

  17. Tiffany

    My mate Kate gave advice to our UK friends “to call yourself an Aussie, you sock and undies draw needs to be at least ½ bonds”.

  18. Tiffany

    After a big day, fighting for a space on the tube, getting rained on, the only thing that makes Mat smile is his Bonds Socks!

  19. Tiffany

    It’s Stuart’s birthday, could you help me make it a Bondsday?

  20. Tiffany

    Bonds is an Aussie comfort that my mate Nic can not live without!

  21. Tiffany

    Nav thinks Bonds is the bondsdiggity! Please give him the voucher.

  22. Tiffany

    My friend James went to an embassy party in his Bonds Tracksuit and said “The names Bonds, James Bonds”. Pick HIM!

  23. HG

    My lovely cousin in Leeds is getting married this month. I always told her Bonds is best – comfy, cotton, colourful – perfect wedding present!

  24. Caroline

    My best British friend since birth would love some Bonds for herself & 3 kiddies – I’ve sent her some in the past & she loves the colours & comfort of Bonds.

  25. Sophie Dowling

    My sister won’t wear any other underwear but Bonds. Since moving to the UK, I frequently have to send her ‘Bonds’ care packages. Help me!!

  26. Rosie

    My sister! I’m living in Sydney and she’s back in London. Would love her to have something to remind her of me

  27. Racheal Rauch

    Cause it’s totes Aussie. A little taste of home. I did a speech on Bonds in Business studies class in school, it began with something like on average 70% of people here are wearing Bonds. One more thing Aussies have to be proud about 🙂

  28. LYNPOD

    Im I London, Loved your advertising so went straight on to your website to see what was up! loving the stuff!

  29. Gina

    I’m an Aussie who has just returned last month from living in the UK for the past 2 years. I gave birth to my third baby whilst there and I was lucky to have family post and bring over my supply of baby Bonds :-). When I had my daughter, I received so many comments from the nursing staff about how great the Bonds Cozy Cuffs were as my daughter needed constant blood tests when born and with her wearing the Cozy Cuffs, we didn’t have to strip her clothes off to get blood samples from her heels. I made a dear friend while living there who has 4 daughters ranging from ages 16 down to 2. Her 2 year old daughter has special needs and spends a lot of time in Great Ormond Street Hospital. She has had such a hard time of late and an Aussie Bonds pack would be just the thing to brighten all of her girls up with. I can’t think of a more deserving family for this lovely gift. Thank you Bonds x

    Whilst living in the U

  30. Rich

    Nice rip off of the wonder bra campaign “hello boys”

    • The Bonds Team

      As a homage to the original ad’s brilliance, we’re hoping our new Aussie version isnt the root of quite so many car accidents by smitten male drivers like it was ten years ago.

      Bonds x

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