Are you hanging out to see The Water Diviner on Boxing Day, starring Russell Crowe and our very own Bonds Ambassador Jai Courtney?! To celebrate, we’ve got 25 double passes to give away for participating cinemas across Australia!

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To enter, simply comment below and tell us in 25 words or less what your all time favourite Aussie film is and why!


THE WATER DIVINER is an epic adventure set four years after the devastating battle of Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. Australian farmer Connor (Russell Crowe) travels to Istanbul to discover the fate of his sons, reported missing in the action, where he forges a relationship with the beautiful Turkish woman (Olga Kurylenko) who owns the hotel in which he stays. Holding on to hope, and with the help of a Turkish Officer, Connor embarks on a journey across the country to find the truth about the fate of his sons.

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  1. Rebecca Paterson

    It would be “The Man from Snowy River”, 8 years old watching it with my family and the music and scenery just blew me away.

  2. Emily

    I love Looking For Alibrandi. It came out when I was a teenager and Pia Miranda was amazing!

  3. Jeannine S

    My all time favorite Aussie is Australia! I love how the movie shows off the magnificent Australian landscape and the enormity of the cattle drive plus Nicole Kidman is my all time favorite actress!

  4. Amy

    As cheesy as it is I love the Castle! The humour, characters and the plot really encapsulates the hard working, fun and optimistic Australian identity!

  5. Hannah

    Rabbit Proof Fence because it was informative & historically enlightening. It told an amazing story and showed so much beautiful Australian outback scenery.

  6. Kathryn Horne

    Always loved Mad Max

  7. Julie Williams

    The Castle! So many great quotes that will last generations in Australia! Love it!

  8. Kyle Turpin

    THE INFINITE MAN by Hugh Sullivan, released earlier this year. A mindbending, tender, and engrossing time-travel romance. Josh McConville was amazing. Great direction.

  9. Julie Ellis

    Muriel’s Wedding such a funny movie that has everything. Politics, love, weddings, friendship & ABBA songs!

  10. Luke Roberts

    The castle because it shows a never say die Aussie attitude and the pride in which Australian people have for there home and country.

  11. Kirrily Thornton Parkes

    Muriel’s Wedding. A fantastic cast and brilliant Australian humour. My life is better than an Abba song for having seen it.

  12. Nerrida Poke

    The Castle! Great reminder that family is what makes us strong and helps get us through the hardest challenges.

  13. TJ

    Well it certainly wasn’t Baz Luhrmann’s Australia!

  14. Krystal Bradbury

    Pricilla queen of the desert is my fav as it shows the beauty of Australia

  15. Amit Karmakar

    The Little Death. I was pleasantly surprised by this gem because even Hollywood can’t make a comedy as hilarious as this!

  16. Sasha

    My favourite aussie film would have to be Red Dog. It’s funny and emotional and shows off the best parts of our country.

  17. Ayse Zengin

    Rabbit Proof Fence is my fave Aussie movie as it captures the emotion so well of these people

  18. Anita

    Red Dog – makes you cry, laugh and want to do a rescue run to the RSPCA

  19. Margaret

    The Castle…
    Home of my favourite family flick!
    I love how the characters click,
    The humorous yarns that Darryl spins
    And when the underdog wins.

  20. Jade O

    The Castle. An iconic Australian film. We all identify with the little aussie battler. I love it so much I was even in the play!

  21. Cynthia

    The Castle, for it’s awesome one-liners, as from no other movie do I use that many expressions throughout my daily life!

  22. Nicole gurman

    Would be awesome to see

  23. katrina stubbs

    PHAR LAP!Loved it as a kid and still love it today.Awesome performances and a beautiful story about an Aussie legend

  24. Angel

    “Red Dog” because of its endearing story of a dog’s journey to reunite with its master. The movie made me laugh and cry (a lot).

  25. Suarez Kasela

    The Sapphires! I can’t believe no one mentioned this classy and fabulous Australian film. Made me in love again with soul music!

  26. Abusaleh

    My all time favourite is Australia. This movie magnificently shows the landscape, cattle and natural beauty of Australia. The both leading actors are tremendous as well.

  27. Jenny Evans

    Happy Feet is a feel good movie that makes me & the kiddies happy every time we watch it!

  28. Sergeja Bosanac

    My all time favourite Australian film is My Brilliant Career set in the outback, great story full of drama and Judy Davis at her best.

  29. Thi Nguyen

    Red Dog – made me cry so many tears! Faith in Humanity Restored!

  30. natasha zinzo

    The Castle – Very real and hilarious.

  31. Damien

    WAKE IN FRIGHT – an eye-opening portrayal of a part of Australia that us city dwellers rarely confront

  32. Merryl Donn

    Kenny. Who would have thought that a movie about Number Twos could be so hilarious? It’s Number One on my list.

  33. Maz

    The Sapphires…. an inspiration to many of our Aussie soldiers, the outback communities and of our course their families… truly uplifting to me!!

  34. Annie

    The Water Diviner. Because it stars Russell Crowe & Jai, and is a touching story about a father’s love & Australia’s history.

  35. Christine

    Picnic at Hanging Rock has elements of truth-place, time, history. It was intriguing and inspired so much debate about what happened to the girls.

  36. Bec Petersen

    The Rover. A perfect Hollywood meets Australia movie – gritt, dark humour, vaste & desolute outback.

  37. Nic Penn

    The Sum of us.Funny & 20 ago back it’s already made you think about prejudice against “different” people.

  38. Nic Penn

    The Sum of us.Very funny & 20 years ago back very ahead.

  39. Chris Pearson

    So many to choose from. I loved – Australia, The Castle, Red Dog, The Man from Snowy River but we have forgotten ‘Gallipoli’ which perhaps told a slightly different version of our history and also launched so many careers.

  40. Chris Pearson

    We have forgotten ‘Gallipoli’ which perhaps told a slightly different version of our history and also launched so many amazing careers.

  41. Andrew

    Rabbit Proof Fence, it’s an astonishing tale of adversity and triumph and is a film of incredible emotional power.

  42. Matthew Martins

    The Hunter, a thought provoking film which gloriously captured the wilderness of Tasmania and left me pondering the questions it raised for weeks after

  43. Toni

    THE CASTLE as it was so funny yet still brought home aussie family values

  44. Jade Hickey

    It would have to be muriels wedding. It showcases some of australias finest talents who have made it big overseas also and makes you laugh, cry and feel good all at the same time.

  45. Jade Hickey

    muriels wedding is one of my most favourite movies. It showcases some of australias finest talents who have made it big overseas also and makes you laugh, cry and feel good all at the same time.

  46. Ashleigh

    Muriels Wedding is my Favourite Aussie Movie..Its such a Feel Good Movie which im sure everybody at some stage in their life could relate to in some sense. Its such a Funny film also.

  47. rachael

    It’s a toss up between Priscilla queen of the desert & Muriel’s wedding.. can’t help but sing when watching these films

  48. Cian

    Proof, a powerful richly developed psychological drama with three compelling characters that exploits the cinema’s potential voyeurism and stays with you for years after

  49. Mandy Graham

    I love a good comedy and laugh; THE CASTLE.

  50. Julie Shaw

    my fav is Dead Calm with Nicole. Great drama & kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time,so we’ll made

  51. Sophie Gotsis

    Gallipoli (1981 film) The numerous running sequences in the film are set to Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygène. Archy joins the last wave and goes over the top. Frank arrives seconds too late and lets out a scream of anguish and despair. Very moving movie.

  52. carly


  53. Julie

    The Man from Snowy River. My Dad and horses were in it. He is now deceased.R.I.P. Love you Dad.

  54. Rob W

    Priscilla Queen of the Desert. A classic full of humour, amazing soundtrack, and showcase of Australian landscape. Still love watching that one!

  55. Miranda Bowman

    Favourite Aussie film is hard to choose for there are a lot of Australia films I’ve enjoyed watching them more than once e.g… Two Hands, Bootmen, Pricilla Queen of the Desert, Mad Max, Wolf Creek, Storm boy, Rabbit Proof Fence, Man from Snow River, Mystery Road, Australia. To hard to pick from.

  56. Shane roe

    Mad max
    A time when we were proud and supportive of aussie endevours brands and people

  57. Michele

    PHAR LAP………A very emotional movie about one of the worlds most brilliant thoroughbreds. A horse that gave so much and meant so much to so many during the Great Depression. Big Red for the win!

  58. Cathy

    Breaker Morant. When injustice is dealt with dignity and pride. Quashing wrongness and overcoming adversity against all odds. It sums up the true Aussie Spirit.

  59. Anne

    KENNY…so funny and such great social commentary.

  60. Danielle C Petrovic

    Breaker Morant it’s an all star cast and with the finest acting about 3 luitenients getting court marshaled.The final scene is forever etched in my mind as it’s based on a true story! It’s the best drama I had ever seen.

  61. Joanne

    Gallipoli – I love Aussie movies showing Aussie mateship and true Aussie spirit……..sometimes I think we have lost it or are losing it, especially with current technology.

  62. Sandy

    Pricilla definitely, so funny, love to sing along every time I watch this film. Happy Flick.

  63. Allan H

    Breaker Moranttells an enthralling story about Australian character, sense of justice, and stability under pressure. Superbly filmed and acted, has to be the quintessential Australian film.

  64. Max

    Rabbit-Proof Fence. It’s a beautiful look into the stolen generation, an enjoyable film that makes you think about past and current issues in Australia

  65. Patrick

    Gallipoli – it showcased our talent as Australian film makers and highlighted an event which galvanised us as a Nation.

  66. Sarah

    Muriel’s Wedding is my favourite. I love Toni Collette and the Abba theme through out the movie was great. It was very funny and very sad. It is a great movie!

  67. Jackson

    Would have to be “Tomorrow when the War Began” a great adaptation of the compelling book series.

  68. Anthony

    Definately the Castle for its one liners. I also enjoy Meuriel’s Wedding and The Wog Boy for a good laugh

  69. Rebecca S

    Muriel’s Wedding. Such a great film. Tragic yet hilarious!

  70. Clare Miller

    Mary and Max, dark but hilarious animation for grownups, it makes me go weak-kneed and misty-eyed while laughing myself silly

  71. Ryan Jordan

    The Eye of the Storm, rich in style and characterisation, ravishingly designed and both frank and funny, my all-time favourite Australian film

  72. Arthur Edmondston

    “Australia” great camera work, using the country’s natural beauty and under appreciated movie that will last the age of time, not a bad story either.

  73. Neil

    Gee all these comments and no one has mentioned Crocodile Dunndee .
    But my favourite would be Nicole in Dead Calm, just so many edge of the seat scenes your not expecting to happen.
    The backdrop of the blue water of the Australian oceans , similar blue to the new besties
    T-shirts from Bonds Ive just bought and 100% cotton.

  74. Rebecca

    Two hands. Absolutely love it! Great storyline and Heath Ledger what a legendary actor, gone too soon.

  75. Skye D

    Picnic at Hanging rock that movie scared me senseless when I was young and it wasn’t even a horror lol. Great movie 🙂

  76. kim

    Have to be Australia. The cinematography was just outstanding, plus Hugh’s not to shabby to look at either 😉

  77. Sam

    Gallipoli, because of the sheer emotion conveyed in the final scene that could make any grown man cry. Can you run as fast as a leopard?

  78. Belinda

    I also love the Castle! Classic movie with so many awesome one liners 🙂

  79. cheryl M

    “The Castle” … such a classic ! Never gets tiring !

  80. Susan

    Man From Snowy River is my favorite as the scenery is magnificent and all the actors are so powerful and I love the energy between Tom and Sigrid is so powerful

  81. Brittany

    “Strictly Ballroom” is my all time favorite aussie movie. It a great feel good movie and a classic story of an ugly duckling turning into a swan.

  82. Elke

    Wolf Creek – Still gives me nightmares. Not only a brilliant scary movie. It’s an Aussie Horror film and there’s not many of them.

  83. Kim Miller

    The Shiralee it’s an oldie but has such an awesome storyline and Bryan Brown is a brilliant actor.

  84. Jess

    The Sapphires. Makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you want to sing, makes you want to marry an Irish man

  85. Jen

    The castle! As kids we thought it was hilarious & could quote it word for word!

  86. Juniper

    “Tell him he’s dreamin!!!” Love The Castle what a funny movie with great memorable one liners, an absolute classic.

  87. Anne

    Storm Boy – it was a tough choice between that and Walkabout, but I grew up in UK and I think this was the first “Australian” film I remember making an impression on me.

  88. Dianne Tito

    My all time favourite movie would have to be The Sapphires. The acting and of course the music was so awesome, loved every bit of it

  89. Jasmine

    I would say Rabbit-Proof Fence. Tough choice to make but it was so emotional, the movie was enforced by the Australian government, we are told, until 1970. Aboriginal children of mixed race were taken by force from their mothers and raised in training schools that would prepare them for lives as factory workers or domestic servants. This truly brought out the waterworks!!!

  90. Jaee

    The Dish! It made me laugh, hokd my breath and wonder all at the same time.

  91. Tammara

    I couldn’t go past Bootmen! Set in Newcastle,heartfelt,amazing talent and good looking Aussie boys dancing in their iconic Bonds Chesty Singlets!

  92. Roslyn

    Gallipoli is my favourite Australian film, with its epic story of bravery and heroism, together with its haunting musical score and Mel Gibson’s standout performance.

  93. Amanda Gorton

    I fell in love with the cute little talking sheep-pig “Babe”! You don’t get any more Aussie than a pig thinking it’s a sheepdog.

  94. Louise Russell

    I love the film “Australia” because it starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Soooooo Australian – Our wonderful country.

  95. Dianne Holman-Taylor

    Two Hands – with a young Heath Ledger and Rose Byrne. Scallywags and criminals and a good look of Sydney. Love it!

  96. Deb

    Red Dog – what a dog, what great music, what a fabulous movie! 🙂

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  98. Renee archer

    The castle – as we all know someone in real life like the characters

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