Winter Playlist // Songs for staying in


You can no longer deny it, that chill in the air is here to stay. It’s time to roll out the heaters and wooly winter doonas. It’s time to don your Bonds hoodie, find your comfiest trackie-dacks and get ready to beat the cold with a snuggly soundtrack.

We’ve put together a winter themed playlist that’ll have you saying “icy what you did there!” It’s mostly international artists, we guess Aussie singers don’t really write songs about cold weather that much….

Anyway, we don’t want to say it’s burrrfect, but it’s pretty close. Take a listen:

Have any song suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. BEV

    This is perfect for todays weather!

  2. jones

    haha – foreigner – love it

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